15 Reasons Why I Love to Knit & Crochet

it’s relaxing ♥ yarn is pretty ♥ it’s how I show love ♥ I can express my style ♥ I appreciate slow living ♥ it can be done at any age ♥ it excites my inner math geek ♥ it’s a valuable post apocalyptic life skill ♥ it keeps my hands busy and away from junk food ♥ there are always new techniques and stitches to try ♥ it keeps my brain too busy to worry about other stuff ♥ it’s a portable hobby that can be done almost anywhere ♥ you don’t need a lot of expensive tools or supplies to do it ♥ it’s empowering to make stuff with a piece of string and two sticks or a hook

♥ it connects us together across generations, cultures, races, genders, religions and boundaries ♥