Skill Levels and Yarn Weight

When designing knit and crochet patterns, I follow the terminology, skill level and yarn weight guidelines set by the Craft Yarn Council as much as possible. The complete Standards & Guidelines booklet is available to download at

All of my crochet patterns use standard US terminology.

Knitting Skill Levels

1- Beginner: Projects for first-time knitters using basic knit and purl stitches. Minimal shaping.

2 - Easy: Projects using basic stitches, repetitive stitch, patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.

3 - Intermediate: Projects with a variety of stitches, such as basic cables and lace, simple intarsia, double-pointed needles and knitting in the round needle techniques, mid-level shaping and finishing.

4 - Experienced: Projects using advanced techniques and stitches, fair isle, more intricate intarsia, cables, lace patterns, and numerous color changes.

Crochet Skill Levels

1 - Beginner: Projects for first-time crocheters using basic stitches. Minimal shaping.

2 - Easy: Projects using yarn with basic stitches, repetitive stitch patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing.

3 - Intermediate: Projects using a variety of techniques, such as basic lace patterns or color patterns, mid-level shaping and finishing.

4 - Experienced: Projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques and dimension, such as non-repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks, detailed shaping and refined finishing.

Standard Yarn Weight System