Knit Increase (Inc) Sampler Squares: Photo Tutorial Lessons and Block Patterns to help knitters learn and study different increasing methods
Knit Increase (Inc) Sampler Squares: Block 1 - Make 1 Left (M1L) and Make 1 Right (M1R)
Knit Increase (Inc) Sampler Squares: Block 2 - Make 1 Right (M1R) and Make 1 Left (M1L)
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8
Block 9
Block 10
Block 11
Block 12
Block 13
Block 14
Block 15
Block 16

Knit Inc Sampler Squares: Knitting Tutorial/Pattern PDF

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My Process

My patterns are designed, not just written down, because I want your project to be a success!

Before knitting begins, I sketch ideas, test yarns, stitch swatches, create charts, do math and consider a variety of skills and construction methods. Each pattern uses standard knitting terminology and notations, is edited for technical accuracy and has a logical, easy-to-read format.

I do the work so you can relax and enjoy the knitting.



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